CAWA AGM Photo Competition 2015



It’s on again! The annual CAWA AGM Photo Competition!

Entries close at midnight on Monday 1st February 2015.

Once again, all CAWA members are invited to submit their inspiring, awesome, action-packed climbing photos from this year’s climbing adventures. Rules of engagement are:

  1. You can only submit photos you’ve taken yourself;
  2. You agree to allow CAWA to publish a small image of it on the CAWA website, Facebook page and the Western Climber (especially if you win!);
  3. You must be a current CAWA member; and 4. The photo must have be taken between 1st February 2014 and 31st January 2015 (so you can submit photos taken from your Christmas/New Years’ adventures).

There will once again be two categories:

  1. Climbing in WA (exposing the fun and diverse climbing we have in this State); and
  2. Climbing Everywhere Else (the adventures we have when we’re not climbing in WA).

Additional prizes this time round will also be given for such obviously underappreciated talent as:

  • Best bum shot;
  • Best action shot; and
  • Best climbing outfit.

The winners will be decided on the night of the AGM by voting.

The CAWA photo comp has been a resounding success in the last few years, however, we will not be creating a CAWA calendar for 2015.

Useful information to include with your submitted photo:

  1. Your name;
  2. The name of the climb, climber and location, and grade if you wish.

Please email your photos and queries to: [email protected]

Happy snapping!

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