Skills Workshop – self/partner rescue with Adventure Out

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Skills Workshop – self/partner rescue with Adventure Out

Have you wanted to further your outdoor climbing skills?!

Want to learn useful rescue techniques that you can have in your back pocket in the event of an emergency? Or how to haul your seconder when struggling through the crux or how to escape the belay and proceed with a rescue?

Come along to this full-day workshop conducted by Adventure Out for CAWA members. It has been specifically designed to address the situations we commonly find ourselves in so that the skills you take away will be directly applicable and utilise the gear usually carried on single and multi-pitch climbs. The workshop is perfect for adventure climbers who want to learn how to be self-sufficient when things go pear-shaped.

Minimum prerequisites
  • sport climbing outdoors
  • Know how to tie the following knots:
    • a clove hitch,
    • figure 8,
    • butterfly,
    • munter hitch,
    • bow line and
    • Classic, French and Klemheist friction knots
Equipment required for the training
  • Helmet,  approved and in date
  • Harness in date with gear loops
  • tubular belay devices such as ATC, Pivot and similar
  • 6x pear-shaped carabiners (screw gate)
  • 1x foot prusik (long)
  • 2x Waist prusik (short)
  • 1x 300mm sewn sling
  • 1x 600mm sewn sling
  • 1x 1200mm sewn sling
  • (Leather gloves)
  • Snacks
  • Water bottle
  • Sunscreen/hat

Adventure Out will have some cords and slings for sale on the day if you are short on any. Apologies, we won’t have this option on Saturday. Please drop in local gyms beforehand if you need extra gear.


  • Introduction elements for both self and partner rescue sessions.
  • The methods outlined will be taught with minimal equipment (improvisation), focusing on developing knowledge that provides the safest solution/s.
Self-Rescue Skills – Developing personal knowledge and skills.
  • Ascend a rope (prusiking)
  • Changing from a rope system to another independent rope system
  • How to rig a Belay Anchoring system that is quick, efficient and ready for any potential rescue (less than a 30-second change process).
  • Escape a jammed (compromised) belay anchoring system (poor or incorrect rigging setup). A poor belay setup creates a secondary challenge that consumes time and requires self-escape before conducting a rescue for your partner.
  • Assisted/unassisted hoist
Partner Rescue Skills
  • Assessing the situation and developing a plan! Scenarios that lead to a practical response
  • Conscious partner rescue, who can or can’t assist
  • Unconscious partner rescue
  • Anchor point set up for mechanical advantage (MA) lift
  • MA systems  (2:1, 3:1 and 6:1 MA systems) to lift or access an injured climber

The content covered on the day will be based on participants’ prior knowledge; therefore, it might vary slightly. Furthermore, the rescue outline above has an individual focus for a climbing pair. It will not include a team rescue approach employing complicated equipment and complex rigging systems, although all of the skills taught align with the large-scale rescue techniques.

The low cost reflects AO kindly providing a special rate and a further subsidy by CAWA & Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries.

To make a payment for the workshop, please ensure you are logged in and have an active membership.

Once the payment is made, please remember to fill out the registration form after you pay.

* Please note that filling out the form alone will not guarantee a spot for the workshop.


30 September 2023
8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
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Meghan Page