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    ummm sorry no. I have been climbing (read misled to) other areas and have neglected this little task. will have to do it soon before Andy heads out and snakes all the proj’s!

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    Mike (R)

    the new waly’s one is good too. Waly World is to the left of “The answer comes quick” (unnamed one from crankdown a few years ago) right?

    Is “deforestion” supposed to be “deforestation”? Comparing it with old photos I can see why it’d be called that…

    Is Snake That up on the right of the ravine when coming down?

    just trying to get ’em right on a rough topo…

    look like great problems andy, thanks for sharing.

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    snake that is up the valley a bit. from the “Andy’s Answer” boulder walk up the valley past a big group of boulders that have a few problems on them and then up the hill and you will find it, probably less than 5 mins walk. vague I know but such is perth boudlering…

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    Yup, for sure. Anyone else keen for Sunday?

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    btw, no. is 0448646559 if you want to get in touch. f

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    I got into trad climbing by hooking up with a like-minded person, buying one of those “How to Rock Climb” books and studying it (theres loads of these things), going on a lead climbing course, buying a starter rack (5 cams, about 12 nuts) and doing lots of toproping for 2 years before I started leading (which is good for practicing trad gear for belays). You can ass about walking around the bottom of Churchmans placing trad gear and then load testing it (clip a long sling into it, then step into sling and bounce).

    And finally, a plug….trad climbing gives great freedom to go wherever and do whatever….90% of climbing out there is not bolted world wide. I am off to climb the Eiger next week (with a small trad rack). Have fun getting started, Toby, it’s a good journey.

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    Tyrone C.

    Cheers guys!

    Yea i saw that vid, got me excited! Thats why i asked. I went to the oodjay boulders last weekend to have a bit of a squizzz, wasn’t that good.. The rock out there is waaay to coarse grained and friable. I think Millars will be next on the list of places to try out. I still haven’t been to Pipelines…

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    Tyrone C.

    and by oodjay i meant Toodjay ahaha

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    Mike (R)

    I’ve heard Toodyay is a bit rough but I also heard there was some decent stuff up there… we always pass it on the way to Walyunga and say we’ll stop there on the way back if there is time… but we don’t. For those who live in the northern suburbs at least it isn’t that far…

    Millars has lots of stuff but bit of a trek and spread out…

    Pipelines has even more stuff with another trek but not as spread out…

    @ Mark Weatherill– I looked at the updated map with areas on it– looks good. that’s sort of what crankdown had… what about putting “(bouldering)” in brackets behind the bouldering areas– or having them on a separate map? or maybe there’s no need. just an idea.

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    Mark Weatherill

    Mike, I considered using a different colour pin for bouldering but the tricky part is handling areas like Kalamunda and Hardey Rd which have both. Maybe I just need some tick boxes which allow you to filter bouldering and climbing.

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    Contained within these pages is all you will need to go out there and discover for yourself. Show a bit of adventurous spirit, do a bit of research and go forth.

    Instead of taking the 2 minutes it takes to write the post asking for info, spend that time looking around this site and sites it links to.

    Most people cant be bothered writing a topo for a crag that has 15 problems, they are out there climbing them.

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    cheers bro she’s awesome, even the dogs approve.. carrots on seacliffs could kill, catch up soon for rusty bolt removal and offwidth glory

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    Forget the name of the climb, but just to the right of Trout Dentures (50m right being just to the right at PC). There’s a very moderate bolted route, or at least all the belay stations have ring bolts. Low grade and boring at the top, but a nice view with maybe 5 pitches.

    The first pitch of Trout Dentures is a fairly thoroughly bolted, but quickly becomes demanding and unbolted on the second pitch.

    The upper terraces have short single pitch bolted sports climbs, quite hard. Only one below 20 I think.

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    Tyrone C.

    Can you point me in the right direction for the maps/vids? Is shambala and that all in the crankdown area?

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    Mark Weatherill

    I’m currently trying to get all bouldering locations listed with coordinates here:

    Most of the miniguides are now posted here:

    The only exception is Millers which the previous committee did not want to post due to the access instructions. Some suggested edits were given to the author but an updated version has not yet been received.

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    Mike (R)

    Hey Tyrone,

    the vids aren’t online anymore (I have them all saved somewhere on a disc but I think it’s in Oz– I’m in Asia for a while)…

    Shambala is at Millars… The Millars Guide is here:

    all 17 pages of it…

    what other areas do you want directions too? A lot of them can be found in some of these threads…

    there are still quite a few areas which have no guide, just coordinates… would be nice if you could embed pictures into these posts and just say “hey, here is a new V4 I did at such and such coordinates…” ah well.

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    Mike (R)

    oh yeah, and there was no “crankdown area”. it was just the name of a site that Andy made that had a bunch of videos of (mostly) him bouldering in various areas around (mostly) Perth… good stuff. fun to see a new one yesterday!

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    Mike (R)

    any news on the El Dorado guide, Seth?

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    Mike (R)

    Crankdown rises from the ashes… this is great. I was just working on the Walyunga Mini Guide and thought I’d check CAWA’s super boring bouldering forum… and here’s a new video! keep ’em coming.

    Do you want to have a look at the mini guide? make any corrections? add names to any unnamed ‘andy problems’? add any other problems Jason and I missed?

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    Mike (R)

    still watching this space. and watching.

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    john boy

    congrats on new bambino.keep up the good work .we are starting to rid albany of similar horrshows

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    Can’t give you any pointers personally, but if you’re interested in climbing photography, this video is great to watch someone at the top of their game. Enjoy.

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    I don’t know of any sport routes there and for the love of Christ I hope it stays that way :p

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    No worries, the only reason I ask is because its mostly what I’m familiar with. How do you suggest I get into trad climbing or climb to make most of that beautiful spot. I’m a beginner but have climbed a few routes pre-bolted with hangers, I really enjoy camping down that way and am keen to do a heal of climbing down there as well, but I guess I expected there to be a few routes pre bolted with hangers etc. I went for a walk near some of the routes and found some really dodgy rusted bolts, I think the’re called carrot bolts. Any advice/ suggestions welcome.

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    Hi everyone,

    Partner moved away recently & need more people to climb with. I’m late 20’s & lead ~19 indoor/17 outdoor. Keen for both indoor & outdoor in the Perth area. Would be great to get a group together. Text 0420472876 if you’re interested. Cheers,


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